I Found An Experience!

I’m so grateful to you, Lisa, for carrying me through this process.

It means so much to have a home I never have to leave no matter who’s in my life. I drove by the house last night and there were trucks and men swarming all over it. My email is filled with every receipt for all the work and remodel. The owner fixed every issue on the inspection – even the ones we didn’t ask for. Lisa, your personal touch has gotten us more concessions and considerations that have blown me away….on every offer. You are a true Wordsmith.

I met one of the members of the Heritage Foundation for Lakeway last night and she asked if they can keep the historical marker there? I let her know, “By all means, please do. It’s part of the charm and my intention is to offer it back to the Foundation to use when they need it.” I cant wait to have a luncheon for them!

I’ve moved 26 times in 15 years and I’m ready. And, you know by now, I’m not looking for a house, I’m looking for an experience. My dream was to be able to walk out my door and be part of a community. Lakeway is all volunteers except Police and Fire and a few city workers. I’ve talked to so many residents on the airplane when I’m traveling and every one of them has a special story about how they got there and what they do to give back.

My Mum reminded me I played in a tennis tournament when I was a kid at World of Tennis. However, the delusion I could have water and woods around me has been a veil I could not break free from. This sanctuary has it ALL, plus parking for all my peeps!

— Kimberly Strange